Coastal Cottage Remodel, Rockaway Beach, OR

Rockaway Beach, Oregon is a charming little coastal town which has a lot to offer! There are a lot of small cottages that are still in their original form but just need a little TLC! We found a cutie that was built in the 1930’s! It still had its large Arts and Crafts wood trim, baseboards, and wood doors, original wood floors and a really amazing 1950’s stove(since the kitchen was remodeled in the 50’s) which was my absolute favorite part😆!!


My husband and I and my mom decided to make a long-term invest into a gathering place for the entire family. A place my mom could make memories with her grandchildren and great grandchildren. However life happens and it doesn’t always work out as planned, and that’s okay!

We bought it in the spring of 2018 and started work right away! However it was a lot more work than we ever thought! But isn’t that how all remodels go!!!

We had a new roof put on, all new electrical installed, repaired plumbing leaks in the kitchen and bath, sanded and refinished the hardwood floors, painted every inch inside and furnished the interior with secondhand items that we refurbished!!

We soon realized we needed to sell it since all of our finances were tied up in it. We sold it in the summer of 2019 and though it was very hard to part with we gained a lot in return; time working together as a family teaching our kids hard work, working besides my older brother who taught me a lot about electrical, drywall patching and plumbing.

But most of all the little coastal cottage showed me what I’m truly capable of!! With a lot of hard work I can figure out anything no mater how daunting the task especially with an amazing family who’s willing to pitch in💙!

More pictures to come of the interior in next weeks post!!

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