Throwback – 2013 Halloween UFO Landing!

A crash landing in our front yard…what a memorable Halloween!!

Here’s an oldie but a goodie, 2013 Halloween decorations! We thought it would be fun to create a UFO crash landing in out front yard in hopes to win the neighborhood annual contest! We didn’t win but we had so much fun doing it! Decorating our front yard really increased our Halloween Spirit, we had a lot of fun creating it together, and it made that year very memorable! How much more could you ask for!!!! It’s for that exact reason why I love to design, decorate and create!!

Look at little Gwen’s face!! Poor thing! I think I may of traumatized her!! 😳😬

We put an alien on the front porch as if an autopsy was being performed! We also added jars of body parts on a shelf in the background to help it feel more real. I think the best part was adding a green light bulb to the front porch light, which added a great effect! It really helped it all feel that much more real!

Plastic body parts found at the Halloween Spirit store

The most fun was creating a UFO and figuring out how! We bout an umbrella and painted it with metal chrome spray paint, added rope lights around the edge with zip-ties, and found a huge plastic bowl for the center dome. Once it was night and the UFO was lit and buried half of it in the ground as if it had crash landed it looked pretty cool!!

It looked better in the dark once it was lit😆!!

Happy throwback Thursday!!