Neutral 4th of July Decor – Fireplace Mantel

A fireplace mantel decorated for the 4th of July with neutral colors of gray, beige, cream and taupe. It doesn’t shout RED, WHITE, and BLUE and I like it that way…a little more quiet.

I looked all around on Pinterest and in stores for 4th of July decor that was toned-down or whitewashed, it was hard to find so I decided to make my own! Stay tuned and I’ll show you what you need to do it yourself!

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For the flag I painted on the back of a wood Thanksgiving plaque, instead of running to the store I just used what I had. The paint colors I used where white, gray, and dark gray.

I also painted the plaque that says “Land That I heart” which I used the same paint colors listed above as well as black for the letting.

As for the banner I used scrapbook paper that I already had and chose an array of prints as long as the color pallet was gray, beige, cream and taupe. I used a paper punch to punch out the corners and strung jute rope through the holes and voila’ it was done!

I gathered a few things I had around the house that I love like the mini mid-century plant pot/stand, some old books, a white ceramic house, Art Deco bookends, and a strand of gray prayer beads. Don’t forget the string of white star lights that my mom had laying around. She got them a few years ago from Michael’s Craft Store but I found some similar ones linked below.

You can find the fireplace makeover here where I painted and updated it!

I hope you like the 4th decorations and feel inspired to DIY!! I listed the items below for easy shopping(no affiliated links).

Happy 4th!!

I made my own muted/whitewashed flag with a blank wood plaque. I painted on the back!
or buy one already finished – Large(39.25″ x 1.5″ x 21″)
Can use this jute banner kit or make your own with scrapbook paper and jute rope
Made my own plaque “Land That I heart”


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