New Year 2020 Refresh -Dining Room & Entry

It felt great to put away Christmas decorations, a fresh start for 2020!! My family makes fun of me cause I usually start putting the decorations away before the holiday is over🤭! I just can’t help myself! I love things clean and tidy and love that feeling after you put away holiday decorations, it just feels so fresh and new! Ya know what I mean?!

I love an entry with drama which usually includes an entry table! With our house being a split level makes it pretty challenging! Then I figured I had about 10” behind the front door!! I found a few shallow tables on Amazon that are 9” deep but I got impatient and ran to Marshall’s one of my favorite places to shop. I found the wire shelf with hooks on it and loved the mix of wood and metal. I figured I could just hang it lower so it was a table not a shelf!

This Large white shelf is at the top of the stairs in the dining room and is one of the first things you see. I wanted to make a good impression when you get to the top of the stairs! It had a lot more colorful dishes on it but I decided it would be much more impactful if it was all white!! I also found the spectacular gold decorative scrolls on top of the shelf at Goodwill! It had a little crack but you can’t see it when it’s hung on the wall! I think I got lucky when I found it!!

I hope you got some ideas from our 2020 entry and ding room refresh! Let me know if you have any questions! And PLEASE let me know what you think, I’d love to hear from you!