Halloween Front Porch Decorations!

Every year I love seeing the tricker-treaters faces when they walk up the front porch 🎃👻 ! We’ve done much scarier themes in the past like aliens landing in a UFO in the front yard but this year we toned it way down for our two-year-old boy, Max!! I’m really excited to get my kids dressed up in their costumes and see everyone else’s front porches and creativity!

This year I went with a cute theme😄!! I gathered sticks from our burn pile in the back yard and tied branches together with jute rope so they were the height of the front door. I made two of these and hung on each side of the front door. Then I added all the garnishes, the bows at the top, ribbon, ornaments, and foil garland!

I made sure to shine a solar-power spotlight on the two skellies so they are front and center at night!!

I hope you enjoyed the not-so-scary Halloween decorations!

Happy Halloween!!

-All items were bought at the Dollar Store except the skeletons which can be found at most major stores.