Halloween Candy Display!!

Food and candy are a great way to create a fun holiday display🎃🕸👻… and glass jars are a great way to display it! They can be changed and used for every holiday if you’d like!!

I thought for Halloween I would create a candy and cookie display and make it really colorful on our kitchen counter!! I chose food that went with the Halloween color scheme as well as what my family would eat or I could give away! Plus you want to get a large enough quantity to fill up the jars and looks abundant! Once I decided what food I was going to use, I then decided what color ribbon to put with the jars to make the colors pop!

I thought purple would look great with the orange and black! I went to the dollar store and found some purple ribbon that was stiff and sparkly along with these fantastic flowers with eyeballs in the center!!!

You can find the glass jars at Joannes and Michael’s and they are pretty inexpensive at Ross, Marshall’s TJ Max, and Walmart!!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and feel inspired to create something colorful and fun for your family or guests!! Trick or treat!!

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