Fireplace Update on a Budget

How do you feel about painted brick or stone? Some people love it and some people hate it! I personally love it especially if when you need a budget friendly solution.

After moving into our new house I knew I wanted a light and airy look with lots of white!! Our last house we painted with lots of grey tones on the walls and the furniture. This house I wanted bright and white!

We sprayed all of the doors and trim with a semigloss white and then painted the walls the same color white but in and egg shell finish.

When we got to the fireplace it was a hard decision because paint feels pretty permanent on stone. So…of course I turned to Pinterest! I searched for inspirational pictures of what I wanted this room to look like when it was finished. I would visualize that finished room with a brown stone fireplace (leaving it as it was). This was not the look I was going for, I was going for light and airy!

So we painted it and I love it!!!!


The change was shocking but I really love how paint updated it so quickly!!!

Another big change was taking off the bright brass fireplace surround! This was attached with brackets on the inside and was so simple to remove, a little messy though!!!

I know it’s always a big commitment painting a large item but the reward is drastic and fantastic!! Would you ever paint your fireplace? If so was it a hard decision?

Stay tuned, the full family room reveal coming next week!


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