Little Corner Cafe’

I love this time of year when fall is here, the air turns crisp, and its time for hot drinks!! I thought it would be fun to create a space just for me to sit and relax and have a hot cup of tea!

I’ve been reading up on self-care one of the things often mentioned is taking time out of the day for yourself to meditate, clear my mind, and only think about breathing. A little cafe corner would be just the place for this!  Instead of running downstairs to the kitchen I thought it would be great to create a place I can make tea upstairs where I am most of the time cleaning, watching my one-year-old, and working on projects.

So, of course, I started by looking at Pinterest and Amazon for ideas and found a lot of great inspiration!

Here is my end result to hopefully get you inspired! See below for links so you can create a relaxing corner cafe!!

Once I did some looking online I realized I already had a lot of pieces so I started gathering them together. You will need a shelf, a counter or something to act as a counter (I used the top of the fridge). coffee maker or electric hot water pot, and of course all the mixings to make a great cup of coffee or tea. I also really like the look and versatility of the chalkboard but feel free to improvise and add something above your cafe’ that you love!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my corner of heaven where I get to sit down and enjoy a hot drink and relax.  Do you think you could use a space like this?  I hope you can create a cafe corner to sit and relax!  Please share your pics with me!

Source Links || Little Corner Cafe’

Old fashioned Ball Jars which my mom already had, which I put to use for sugar, tea, and powdered creme. You can purchase these on ebay.

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