Hi, I’m Sarah! Welcome to Sarah’s Abode!


My name is Sarah, and I am very passionate about decorating! I find myself finishing up one project and can’t wait to get started on the next! I love creating beautiful spaces for others and especially for my family!

Our homes are the most important spaces since that is where our loved ones abide. As an interior designer, I hope to show you how to create spaces that are calming, functional, express who we are, and especially fun!

I love creating fun and colorful holiday decor since holidays are a great time to celebrate with our families. I believe holiday decor enhances the holiday experience for our loved ones and creates beautiful memories for us and our children.

It’s time to get started on this journey and I’m really excited you’re here!

I hope to hear from you, I hope you feel inspired and most of all I hope you feel at home!!

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